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All coasters are 4 x 4 on 18 mesh.

From the top left to right:

M110  Jaws

M109 Batman

M107 Kings Speech

M115 Pink Panther

M111 Breakfast at Tiffany's

M116 Sleepless in Seattle/An Affair to Rem.

M112 Princess Bride

M114 Jurassic Park

M106 Forest Gump

​M108 Titanic

M105 The Black Swan

​M113 Moonstruck

M117  The Graduate

M118 Ice Age

M119 The Godfather

M120 Top Gun

M121 Psycho

M122 Superman

M123 Star Wars

M124 Annie Hall

M125 Wizard of Oz

M126 Lady & The Tramp

M127 Hunger Games

M128 Malificent

M129 Ratatouille

M130 Seven Year Itch

M131 The Great Gatsby

M132 Amadeus

M133 Grease

M134 Rear Window

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coaster numbers

M135 The Birdcage    

M136 Best in Show

M137 A Fish Called Wanda

M138 It's A Wonderful Life

M139 Frankenstein

M140 When Harry Met Sally

M141 Indiana Jones

​M142 Bond, James Bond

M151  Ben-Hur

M152 My Big Fat Greek Wedding

M153 Finding Nemo

M154 Night At The Museum

​M155 DaVinci Code (Priory of Sion)

M156 Sherlock

M157 Pirates of The Caribbean

M158 Cool Runnings

M159 The Help

M160 Ghostbusters 2

M161 The Force Awakens

M162 The Martian

M163 The Birds

M164 Brave

M165 Gone With The Wind (Carol Burnett style)

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Starting from left to right

M166  A Swine By Any Other Name

M167 Good Will Hunting

M168 Four Weddings & A Funeral

M169 Taxi Driver

M170 West Side Story

M171 Blazing Saddles

M172 Driving Miss Daisy

M173 Steel Magnolias

M174 Murder On The Orient Express

M175 A Few Good Men

M176 My Fair Lady
M177 Shawshank Redemption

M178 Outlander

M179 Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

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M180  The Little Mermaid (or Splash)

M181  Elf

M182  Miss Congeniality

M183 Ghost Busters (Original)

M184 Big

M185 Lion King

M186 Blues Brothers

M187 Love Actually

M188 Singing In The Rain

M189 Mary Poppins

M190 Calendar Girls  (those are cherries!)

M191 Notting Hill

M192 Hidden Figures

​M193 Christmas Vacation

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M143  Risky Business

M144  Casablanca

M145  Romeo & Juliet

M146  Dirty Dancing

M147  Pretty Woman

M148  16 Candles

M149  Sex In The City

M150  50 Shades of Grey

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M194 Lala Land

M195 Out of Africa

M196 Legally Blond

M197  Mama Mia!

M198  Eat, Pray, Love

M199 Sister Act

M200 Hello Dolly (Bette M)

M201 Beauty & The Beast

M202 Peter Pan

M203 The 10 Commandments

M204 The Maltese Falcon

M205 Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

H206 The Parent Trap

H207 Austin Powers

H208 Shakespeare in Love

M209 Bohemian Rhapsody

M210 Vice

M211 Mary Queen of Scots

M212 On the Basis of Sex 

M213 Crazy Rich Asians

M214 A  Star Is Born 

M215 The Devil Wears Prada

M216 Bridget Jones's Diary

M217 Charlotte's Web

M218 Princess Diaries

M219 Gone With The Wind 2

M220 Cats

M221 Alladin

M222 The Sound of Music

Downton Abbey set:

M223 Downton - Royal Visit

M224 Mrs. Patmore & Daisy

M225 Lady Mary & The Dowager

M226 Lord and Lady Grantham


M227 Coming to America 

M228 Mulan

M229 Judy

M230 The Two Popes

M231 Little Women

M232 Dr. Dolittle


M244 Field of Dreams

M245 Bridgerton - Simon & Daphne

M246 Bridgerton - Penelope Featherington

M247 Bridgerton - Queen Charlotte

M248 Bridgerton - Eloise Bridgerton

M249 The Queens Gambit

M250  Grace & Frankie

M233 Les Mis

M234 Green Book

M235 Phantom of The Opera

M236 Thelma & Louise

M237 The American President

M238 You've Got Mail

M239 North By Northwest

M240 Star Trek

M241 Dial M for Murder

M242 Death on The Nile

M243 The Holiday




Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvases​

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