Arctic Owl and Hares H275

10 x 10 on 18

L04 B For Bee

L To R from top:

Dial M for Murder M241,  You've Got Mail M238,  The Holiday  (Mr. Napkin Head) M243,  Death on The Nile M242,  North By Northwest M239,  

The American President M237,  Green Book M234,  Les Mis M233,  Phantom of The Opera M235,  Thelma & Louise M236,  Star Trek M240




Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvases​

Golden Letters


Travel Coaster- Detroit TR21

4 x 4 on 18

L02 L For Lighthouse

L to R all 4 x 4 on 18: D23 Schnauzer, D25 Beagle, Cavalier, D19 Frenchie,  D22 Boxer,

D24 Weimaraner, D20 Black Lab

Bottom:  D21 Maltese on the Run 6 x 6.     For more like this click here:  Dogs & Cats



For other Holiday Themed Canvases click here:

B390 H for Hummingbird

Abstract Sea Creatures

L01 D For Duck

L to R from top:

Lobster H272

Puffer H270

Sea Horses H274

Crab H271

Octopus H269

Sea Lion H273

All 4 x 4 on 18

L03 R for Rooster

​New Canvases - Fall