L to R all 4 x 4 on 18: D14 Golden, D16 Cavalier, D15 Springer Sp, D17 Dachshund 

Stitch Guides Available!   For more like this click here:  Dogs & Cats

The four above  have beautiful stitch guides from Sign of The Arrow!  From R to L all 18 ct: A200 Steppin' Out 6x8,  A201Home 5x10, A203 Bloom 5x9, A202 Good Food/Good Friends 8x6

New Feathers and Fur

New Travel Coasters (All 4 x 4 on 18)

 B391 Winter Hummer                     B389 Spring Hummer                          B390 Summer Hummer

 All are 6 x 6 on 18                         More birds are available here:   https://www.melissaprincedesigns.com/feathers---fur.html

​New Canvases Spring - Keep scrolling! 

L to R:  H263 Fox and Cardinals 10 x 10 18 ct

H267 Polar Bear and Cub 10 x 10 18 ct

H266 St. Lucia Fox 10 x 10 18 ct

H268 Peace Hanger. 9 x 36 13 ct.

H265 Fox With Bells 4" 18 ct.

H264 Fawn With Cardinal 4" 18 ct. 

For more like this (holiday animals and door hanger) click here:  https://www.melissaprincedesigns.com/holiday.html

New Movies.    (All 4 x 4 on 18)

C02 Where's My Crumpet! Cat 12 x 10 18 ct. 




Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvases​

D18 White Lightning Squad 12 x 6   18ct

TR126 Canada                      TR128 India                               TR127 MARS Via Musk (Tesla Roadster)

L to R

M227 Coming to America

M228 Judy

M229 Mulan

M230 The Two Popes

M231 Little Women

M232 Dr. Dolittle

Just For Fun

For The Holidays.....

Dogs & Cats​

C01Cat & Mouse w/Ginger Jars 12 x 10, 18 ct