Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvases​

New Career Canvases for Acrylic paper weights or boxes..... both 5 x5  18 mesh

New Movie Coasters.  The "Girls Night Out" set is now available, previously an exclusive.  These and other new canvases are below:

Below are all new canvases for Columbus show. If you missed San Jose, you can see what was new there in Holiday, Windows, Wreaths, Movie Coasters, Careers and Abstracts.  Scroll to the bottom for the newest designs. 

All Movie Coasters 4 x 4 on 18

left to right and down:

M143  Risky Business

M144  Casablanca

M145  Romeo & Juliet

M146  Dirty Dancing

M147  Pretty Woman

M148  16 Candles 

M149  Sex In The City

M150  50 Shades 

M194  Lala Land

M195  Out of Africa

M196  Legally Blond

M197  Mama Mia!

M198  Eat, Pray, Love

M199  Sister Act

M200  Hello Dolly (Bette)

M201  Beauty & The Beast

Be sure to go to the Movie Coaster Page for the complete 


A191 Paint The Town Red

Developed for the Go Red With Thread

Benefit for the American Heart Assoc.  5 x 5 on 18 mesh.  New for 2018 Coming Soon!

A196 Chef , A197  Physician Assistant

New wreaths from left:  B379  Bunny With Crown Wreath,   B380 Double Bunny Wreath.  Both 10 x 10, 18 mesh

​New Canvases

H243 Abstract Bears (partner with H240 & H241)  10 x 10 on 18.