Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvases​

H251 10 x 10 Abstract Fox on 18 mesh

​New Canvases

A195 Queen of Hearts. 5 x 5 on 18 mesh.  Stitch guide by Cynthia Thomas

New Travel Coasters

Below are all new canvases for TNNA Las Vegas (and Queen of Hearts above!)  If you missed Dallas, you can see what was new there in Travel Coasters, Movie Coasters, Feathers and Fur,  and Abstract.  Scroll to the bottom of each page for the newest designs. 

New 19" stockings on 13 mesh.  

H244 Reindeer Stocking

H245 Fox Stocking

 B383 12" Waxwings Wreath  on 18 mesh

All Travel Coasters 4 x 4 on 18

left to right:

TR13 Niagara Falls

TR14 Kentucky

TR15 Ski Country Colorado

TR16 Georgia

TR17 Col. Williamsburg

TR18 Yellowstone Park

TR19 Philadelphia

Scroll down!

TR112 Galapagos Islands

TR113 Scandanavia

TR114 China

TR115 Costa Rica

TR116 Israel

TR117 Holland

TR118 Florence 

New Movie Coasters

(All Celebrating Their 

20th Anniversaries!)

4 x 4 on 18

M206 The Parent Trap

M207 Austin Powers

M208 Shakespeare in Love

A198  Mediterranean Diet

Developed for the Go Red With Thread

Benefit for the American Heart Assoc.  5 x 5 on 18 mesh. Stitch guide by 

Suzie Vallerie

4" Rounds:

H246 Owl Ornament

H247 Reindeer Ornament

H248 Bears Ornament

H249 Fox Ornament

H250 Rabbit Ornament