Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvases​

​New Canvases Spring - Keep scrolling! 

B392 Fall Hummer 6 x 6 18 mesh.                V09 Mardi Gras Vespa. 5 x 5 18 mesh

M249 The Queens Gambit. M244 Field of Dreams. M250 Grace & Frankie

L09 A for Amaryllis   L09 C for Cardinal.  P for Poodles w Polkadots

H278 Santa's Rest Stop Stocking 19" 

13 mesh

B388 Bee on Coneflower

H279 Orcas.  

4" rounds 18 mest

F451 Blue & White Porcelain #2 

10 x 10 18 mesh

D27 Jack Russell Terrier          D26 German Shepard

4 x 4 on 18

Bridgerton - M245 Simon & Daphne. M246 Penelope Featherington .  M247 Queen Charlotte.  M248 Eloise Bridgerton

​New Movies & Shows 

L11 O for Owl.   L12 N for Nautical

L05. T for Tiger.   L06 M for Monarch.     L07 S for Swan

H268 Peace 9 x 36 13 or 

NOW AVAIL ON 18 MESH (in stock)